Bistro 21: Kobe Ranch Steak or Seared Scallops with Truffles?

Even though the early morning fog has burned off, a chill in the air still lingers. And with two more hours left until noon, you find yourself wondering, "What should I have for lunch today?"

You want something warm, somewhere cozy. Somewhere where you can order an espresso, a bowl of soup or an entree reminiscent of that trip you took to Paris.

Ok. Maybe that's not exactly what  you are thinking, but if you have a hankering for something French, today may just be the day you give Bistro 21 a try. This French Bistro opened a few months ago in Old Town Monrovia at 110 E. Lime Avenue, where Baldwin's Baked Potatoes was formerly located. 

There are always a couple of specials for lunch in addition to things like the Cream of Potato soup, a colorful beet salad, or the slow braised beef short ribs served over mash potatoes. Yelpers, you know that five stars are hard to come by, yet Bistro 21 has been able to maintain that status. Here is the Yelp review.

So grab your beret, brush up on your French, and stop by Bistro 21 for lunch. Bon Appetit!

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