Lunch at Bill's Restaurant

Yesterday I had my first lunch* experience at the delightful and inviting restaurant that is Bill's Restaurant in Wimbledon.
Bill's Restaurant was first opened in Lewes, East Sussex in 2001 serving both fresh and delicious meals as well as locally produced fruit and veg. Soon after their first restaurants boom of a success they set up in Brighton and moved on and up from there satisfying foodies from all over by serving seasonal and deliciously fresh foods from breakfast through to lunch and dinner. Lets not leave out dessert, there's always room!
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Bill's Restaurant, Wimbledon
I decided I couldn't go alone as I had a reservation for two so I kindly took Matt along to enjoy the experience with me! We arrived at Bill's for a 1pm lunch reservation and were kindly greeted by the manager, Mark. He took us to our table where he explained the menu and specials on offer for the day then left us to browse and pick our drinks.
A charming waiter, who sadly I didn't catch the name of but knew he was Australian, took our drinks order. I went for Bill's raspberry, peach and mango juice, RRP £2.95 which was super fresh, with slight pulpy bits in like it was just squeezed! Delicious! Matt had a cloudy apple juice, RRP £2.55, which was lovely and refreshing and a good both a good change from typical soft drinks we usually consume.
We were then left to look at the wonderful menu of starters, mains, light meals and sides! Everything sounded so inviting I wasn't sure which to try that day!

Bill's raspberry, peach and mango juice
Bill's Menu and Specials
I decided after much browsing of the menu to go for a hamburger. I usually steer clear of burgers as I am quite fussy with my meat but I thought I should try something I wouldn't usually have and opted for Bill's hamburger with monterey jack cheese in a sesame seed bun with tomato, lettuce, pickle, red onion and horseradish mayonaise, RRP £9.95 and a side of sweet potato fries, RRP £3.55.
hamburger and sweet potato fries
monterey jack cheese hamburger
The inside, all that deliciousness!
My meal arrived on a rustic wood board, very chic! The burger was cooked and seasoned to perfection. Covered in a blanket of monterey jack cheese and topped with plenty of salad and a slather of horseradish mayonaise spread across the bun. I can't vouch this enough, it's the best hamburger I've ever had, says the woman who rarely eats meat!
And the sweet potato fries, presented in a lovely ceramic cup looked much more than just fires. Now everybody knows how much I love sweet potato, from baked to mashed, I can't get enough of the stuff. But these fries, they were heaven sent. If I knew how to make them, I would every day! A soft yet crisp light batter coated the outside and the inside light, fluffy and slightly creamy. I could have eaten two pots full but I was stuffed by the end of the meal.
sweet potato fries, delicious!
Matt very surprisingly decided on one of the flavoursome specials available that was pan-fried whole Cornish plaice with lemon, caper and parsley butter, RRP £11.95 and a side of sweet potato fries, RRP £3.55.
Presented on a large plate with lemon wedge, capers and watercress salad. The plaice was left on the bone and cooked in a light batter, you could see that it was fresh from Cornwall and boy did it taste good! I did feel that it was a little too vinegar-y for my liking, this may have come from the capers but overall the fish was delicious and I would definitely have fish from there again!
Matt did comment saying that he hadn't had plaice before and would happily have the dish again. I think his only concern was that there wasn't any Barbecue sauce for his sweet potato fries, typical BBQ addict!
whole pan-fried cornish plaice
another side of sweet potato fries
Bill's promises fresh, seasonal and smile-on-your-face food and we definitely got that when we visited.
The atmosphere within Bill's was relaxed with the sound of chit-chat from other customers and quiet flow of music. The decor was vintage and rustic with lots of unfinished wood and green tones. A proper country-style restaurant in the heart of South London!
The staff were all so friendly and helpful even during the busy lunch period! We exchanged in witty chat with our waiter who made us laugh and never felt uncomfortable like in other eating establishments I have visited. I felt very welcome indeed.
I should add that the main entrances and surrounding shelves and nooks within the restaurant hold a lovely selection of goods that you can pop in and purchase or order from your table using a simple menu that you give to your waiter. Selling everything from jams to juices and hampers perfect for gifts!

Overall I really enjoyed my first experience of the hearty food available at Bill's restaurant and I've already started making arrangements to go there again after eyeing up their breakfast menu!
I look forward to my next trip, and the trip after that, and the trip after that...!

Have you been to a Bill's Restaurant anywhere in the country? Did you enjoy the atmosphere and food?

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