60 Day Spending Ban Challenge

So I've been thinking about doing this for a while, and now is a good time as I'm trying to save money to redecorate my room, learn to drive and go on holiday.
So my reason for wanting to do the 60 day spending ban challenge is because I spend a lot of my money on things I don't really need, simply because there's an offer on, I'm bored or I realise I have a little money spare and just go ahead and spend it for no reason. I have an odd obsession with buying in bulk or buying something in advance before the thing I already have has ran out. So the spending ban is perfect to use up the hoard of products before I buy anymore.
I've chose 60 days because I feel it's going to be challenging enough going through what I hope will be a lovely Summer without buying anything indulgent. Starting it now will make it a September finish, if I feel I can go longer then I will extend it.

The Rules:
I must start this today, 15th July 2013 & it will end on 13th September 2013.
I am only allowed to buy an item when and only when I have finished a product in that category, eg. I can only buy a bottle of shampoo once I have finished all shampoos in my cupboard.
I can spend money on food and drink, Oyster card top-ups and monthly bills.
I have £17.00 left on my Boots Advantage card which I can optionally use only towards things that I run out of.

I will be doing weekly updates to share with you all how the spending ban is going and don't worry, I still have plenty of products to feature even though I won't be spending anything right now!

Are you currently taking part in a spending ban? I'd love to hear from you if you are!

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