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I'm going to apologise straight away for the shoddy photos! I thought it would be nice to photograph the following pieces in the garden, little did I know they turned out very poor :(

As you may have noticed, I write about food alot. I mean, it's something I am really passionate about from sweet treats to healthy eats I am all over everything. I can probably name the foods/ingredients I don't like and can't eat on my hand. I feel I am quite forunate to be passionate about all types of food as I know so many people who don't like certain things so they are pretty limited when it comes to certain meals or restaurants. My only downfall personally is that I am now lactose intolerant but we can cover that in another post!
Back to today's post and this incredibly large box Classic Box* full of fresh food which I received on Tuesday from Hello Fresh!
Hello Fresh are a fresh food box company who aim to please people who love to cook healthy and delicious recipes. Every week they'll send you amazing ingredients and bespoke recipe cards put together by their chefs, to prepare every meal yourself!
What's even better is that you can choose from 4 types of boxes: Classic, Veggie, Barbecue and Family. Which range from £36.00 to £64.00 depending on the type and how many people you're cooking for!
All of the meals are made with delicious, locally sourced products and can be cooked within 30 minutes following the simple step-by-step instructions which include pictures! (perfect for beginners!)
More information and to subscribe to this box can be found on the Hello Fresh website.

I received the Classic box* (meat and fish), for 2 people and containing 3 meals. RRP £39.00 with free P&P!
All produce were in fresh and perfect condition, meats kept cool using cool bags filled with chilled water. Very impressed with the storing and packaging of this food box!

The three meal cards I was sent to prepare and enjoy from all the ingredients included were:
Oven Baked Risotto with Summer Vegetables
Chorizo and Pinenut Burgers with Red Onion Marmalade
Tabasco Jambalaya with Orange and Honey Chicken

I am seriously looking forward to making all of these as they're not something I tend to make at all.

Cherry tomatoes, Parsley, Baby spinach, Spring onion, Asparagus, Red onion, Onions, Green Pepper, Orange, Peas, Barfoots sweetcorn, Baby gem lettuce

Spanish chorizo, Mince beef, Boneless Chicken thighs

Dry oregano, Parmesan cheese, Vegetable stock, Clear honey, Tomato Ketchup, Demerara sugar, Tabasco Sauce, Butter, Balsamic vinegar, Pine nuts, Garlic, Chicken stock

Chopped peeled tomatoes, Arborio rice, Basmati rice, Ciabatta loaf

As you can see I received alot of ingredients, all selected from locally sourced companies and all sent at the right portion size so as not to have any waste!

I am super happy with this fresh food box, I never expected it to be crammed full of so many delicious products to create such wonderful dishes.
I definitely recommend if you're getting a little bored of shopping for the same food and cooking the same meals that you check out Hello Fresh!

Links to my blog posts of the weeks food with photos and recipes included in the box can be found below:
Risotto with Summber Veg
Chorizo Burgers with Red Onion Marmalade
Tabasco Jambalaya with Orange and Honey Chicken

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